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Hi everyone, I’m Navarre.*

I’ve been blogging about solarpunk since 2018, and recently started doing videos as well. If you want to know a little about how I see solarpunk, you may want to read “What is Solarpunk , Anyway?

If you’re new here, you may want to check out some of my most popular posts:

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Thanks for your support and encouragement over the years, everybody! If you want to financially support my work, please check out the Comradery page for Solarpunk Station. Comradery is a cooperatively-owned patronage platform (like Patreon) where you can support your favorite creators.

If you want to send me a message, feel free to use the contact form below:

*You might notice a lot of articles using we instead of I. This isn’t meant to be the royal we, but is merely aspirational. I am hoping over time to add more contributors beside myself, and started the blog in that headspace. I have the first guest blog posts coming online in 2023 for the Solarpunk Spirituality Series, and hope that we’ll start having some more regular contributions as time goes on.