Solarpunk Resources



  • Bike Here
    • The latest podcast from Bike Shop Girl, this podcast is focused on helping people leave their car at home.
  • Climate One
    • A podcast addressing climate change and it’s influence on energy, water, food, and politics
    • Geared for effective altruists, Future Perfect explores what things we can do to exact the most good on the world.
  • Hot Take’s List of Climate Podcasts
    • Looking at policy experiments around the world to see if they actually work
  • The Institute for Local Self-Reliance
    • Three different podcasts are run by ILSR focusing on building strong and resilient towns
  • Shift Up Podcast (wrapped up Jan 2020)
    • This podcast is biking-specific, and is a mix of advocacy, policy, and bike shop advice. It is particularly focused on making a more inclusive bike industry for women-identifying and trans people.
  • Solarpunk Press
    • Eleven different issues/episodes of solarpunk fiction available in both text and audio formats
  • Strong Towns Podcast
    • Another podcast focusing on building strong local communities regardless of your political background
  • Team Human
    • Team Human asks, “Are you using technology, or is it using you?”
  • Unchained
    • Start with Crypto 101 and go from there to learn more about what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • The War on Cars
    • How urban planning can save us from these metal beasts