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When I first started tuning into the solarpunk scene, climate podcasts were few and far between, or at least hard to find. Just in the last few years this has really changed, so here’s a roundup of some of my favorites.

  • How to Save a Planet – Hosted by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Alex Blumberg, How to Save a Planet investigates solutions to the climate crisis and ends every episode with a call to action you can take right now to help mitigate climate change.
  • Hot Take – A NSFW podcast hosted by Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt that takes a look at journalism and storytelling surrounding the climate crisis. If you don’t like swearing this is definitely NOT the podcast for you.
  • Frontiers of Commoning – David Bollier helps us explore the re-emergence of the commons, which is a critically important part of building an environmentally just future.
  • A Matter of Degrees – Geared toward those concerned, but not yet in the weeds of climate work, Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson investigate solutions to climate change and what impacts these technologies and policies could produce.
  • No Place Like Home – Mary Anne Hitt & Anna Jane Joyner find the personal stories of people experiencing climate change first-hand to put a face to the climate crisis.
  • Warm Regards – Podcasts helmed by fellow scientists warm my heart, and Warm Regards is one of the best. Investigating the intersection of humanity and hard data, Warm Regards bridges the gap between the sciences and humanities.
  • Climate OneClimate One talks with scientists, politicians, and change makers impacting technology and climate policy. This show is typically more of a panel format with Greg Dalton as MC compared to the talk show nature of most of these other shows.
  • RepublicEN – Republicans who want to fight climate change DO exist, and this podcast covers climate policy from a “conservative” lens. I suspect that I’m not the only solarpunk with Republican relatives, so this is a good recommendation for your wider network, even if you aren’t one yourself.

I tried to only recommend podcasts I’ve listened to, but there’s an even bigger list here curated by Hot Take. Do you have a favorite climate podcast? Let us know in the comments below, especially if they’re in a language other than English! I know we have at least a few readers from around the world, and as an American, I only speak 1.5 languages.

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